Nanku aur Aji

I can't believe I forgot to put this up on my dormant blog. It also got featured on here. Anyway, so this is my final year grad film. It took a good 3 months of research and 6 months of animation. The story is based on a tribe that lives in the forests of Central India.

Liquid TV - The Skavengers

18 minutes of 'minimal' animation done in 18 days. :)

Showreel '10

A randomly cut; pretty random show reel.
I am still working on my final year film.. on and off. It should take a month more (hopefully). Thought it was high time that I uploaded a show reel as my parents insisted on me getting a job.
Comments and critique are welcome.

The music that I have used is a piece called 'El Pico' by one of my favourite bands called ratatat!

It is actually 3 minutes long.. but I put 22 seconds of my contact info at the end. :P


This is the second version of Chandrama. Done in 4 days in HongKong.
4000 frames, camera n lights, redone, re-rendered re-composited and re-edited.
Although it was fun fun fun.
Re-animated with ace animator Nikhil Bajpai.
A huge thanks to him for coming along and helping in winning the competition.
Thanks Manasi for being Rinti's scratch mother and KC for online support.
Thanks Markus, Jenny, TK, Autodesk.
The film is an introduction to Rinti's world of imagination which I promise, shall be further discovered in my future works. :)

VC promo 09


Stomach factory

That's what is going to happen to your stomach if you do not eat healthy.
This is a rejected small portion of a film, a friend and I made. It is a commissioned film, that is why I can't upload the final thing.
Two of the characters are drawn by Nikhil- the yellow monster in the beginning and the creepy rotating star fishes in the end.
The sound for the video game is done by Nikhil too.
Rest of the character animation, backgrounds and compositing was my department.
The whole film is 13 mins long.

chitrakatha 09 promo_02

I remember, a friend tried this when we were kids.


Thanks to my friends for their help.
The script was written as the first episode to a series revolving around the central figure Avinash's life.

Shake Break n Bounce

experiment with led lights_02


'SIKUAQ' (is an inupiak eskimo word) means 'thin ice' in english.
The film revolves around two friends and tries to put forth the issue of Global Warming.
The film took around a month to be completed.
Five of us worked on one week of pre-production and another one week on animating clay.
Two of us, nikhil n me worked on the post-production.. from loads of clean ups, to getting the timing right, additional animation, lips, sound n music etc etc ..
The most funfilled part was when we decided to do a short end title sequence of the two characters dancing. My friend Nikhil animated the Eskimo and I the Penguin.
We screened the film in the Audi sometime back..
n yep.. people liked it.. Last week it managed to bag an award for the best animation film at a national fest in Kolkata.
ummm..anyway.. I hope we get to animate some more clay in the future n make loads n loads of stopmotion/claymation/pixilation films.. guess this is just the begining.