Showreel '10

A randomly cut; pretty random show reel.
I am still working on my final year film.. on and off. It should take a month more (hopefully). Thought it was high time that I uploaded a show reel as my parents insisted on me getting a job.
Comments and critique are welcome.

The music that I have used is a piece called 'El Pico' by one of my favourite bands called ratatat!

It is actually 3 minutes long.. but I put 22 seconds of my contact info at the end. :P


Longbir Ingti Kathar said...

very impressive work. love it!

Samir Bellare said...

Hey Pratik, that's awesome work man! I hear you were in the Bangalore campus of NID, we've met briefly.
Lot that I can learn from you. Will surely tweet the showreel.

Shubhi said...

Good it !

sai said...

And it is obviously good!!.... :)