'SIKUAQ' (is an inupiak eskimo word) means 'thin ice' in english.
The film revolves around two friends and tries to put forth the issue of Global Warming.
The film took around a month to be completed.
Five of us worked on one week of pre-production and another one week on animating clay.
Two of us, nikhil n me worked on the post-production.. from loads of clean ups, to getting the timing right, additional animation, lips, sound n music etc etc ..
The most funfilled part was when we decided to do a short end title sequence of the two characters dancing. My friend Nikhil animated the Eskimo and I the Penguin.
We screened the film in the Audi sometime back..
n yep.. people liked it.. Last week it managed to bag an award for the best animation film at a national fest in Kolkata.
ummm..anyway.. I hope we get to animate some more clay in the future n make loads n loads of stopmotion/claymation/pixilation films.. guess this is just the begining.


TEESTA DAS said...

i reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally really liked this claymation...and the best part is that it really made sense by the end of it...the characters were very cute as well..gr8 effort seen!

Gauthaman Koyamparambath said...

Beautiful animation....Well done...

Pratik Ghosh said...

thanks :)